The Crew

Quiet Skies NorCal draws on the collective expertise of people from throughout the region, and on support from grassroots organizations such as SOSSC that have come together in response to this jet noise crisis. Practically all of the people involved in Quiet Skies NorCal are also engaged in such organizations, and so this is their second non-paying job, and their time and effort is doubly appreciated.



(All about Eric)

Eric Rupp – Political Lead

Normally, a local businessman and a glider pilot.

But now, a stealthy political operative, bringing together residents, local elected officials, and the FAA

Eric lives in Santa Cruz, and wants his quiet life back.

(All about Ben)

Ben Shelef – Techie One

During the day, a mechanical engineer.

At night, a caped crusader in the service of all who are oppressed by jet noise, wherever they are!

Ben lives in Saratoga, and wants his quiet life back.

(All about Dave*)

Dave Austin – Aviation Guru

In a previous life, a commercial pilot and captain for PSA and US Airways

Right now, busy teaching us everything we need to know about airplanes – when he’s not sipping Margaritas in Cabo.

Dave lives in Soquel, and wants his quiet life back

*This is not Dave Austin’s picture

(All about Adam)

Adam Worral – Software Wizard

10 hours per day working on software for his formal employer, a search giant that shall remain anonymous

10 hours per day building our airplane tracking network of receivers, database, and user interface, as well as the creator of

4 hours per day: Eating, sleeping, and generally being merry.

Adam lives in Scotts Valley, and wants his life back.

(All about MaryJane)

MaryJane Donforio – Social Media Tzar

Non-stop, on-call, high-octane social media powerhouse.

When MaryJane says “jump”, the internet asks “how high”.

MaryJane lives in Los Gatos / Summit, and wants her quiet life back.