Wear Red.


We wear red to self-identify to the Select Committee. It’s not always easy for Select Committee members to understand exactly how much real support community advocates have. Red Fashion started in Santa Cruz, caught on in the Summit, and is now coming to Mid Pen!

We were able to “paint the room red” in all three public hearing meetings (held in Santa Cruz, Redwood City, and Mountain View).

The fact that we have people that will travel as much as an hour in each direction to attend these meetings – this has an enormous effect on the conversation – much more than any email petition will ever have.

That, and of course we also have thousands of people signed on petitions.  4500 on the Save Our Skies Santa Cruz “Rescind SERFR” petition, and over 1000 on our solution proposals, distributed equally between Santa Cruz, the Summit, and the Mid Pen region.

Make your voice heard!

You matter.

In the picture above are about 30 people that made the difference in the last SC meeting.

If any of them were missing, there’s be an empty seat there.

So every body counts.

  • Register and start using the noise reporting app at
  • Write to the Select Committee. (the guide to writing the SC)
  • Attend the Select Committee meetings.
  • Attend the Select Committee meetings. <– I’m writing it twice since it’s the most useful thing you can do to help.

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