The symbol on this page signifies an idea.

The idea is this:

“Before anything else, we must restore the flight environment that existed before March 2015“.

We do not preclude other immediate steps (and in fact have proposed some), or studies of more radical solutions, but none of these can preempt this very simple idea of recreating the pre-NextGen baseline.

We also recognize that things can’t be exactly the same since NextGen is a new technology, and also since it’s likely that at least 3 years will have passed by the time we see changes in the sky, but this goal gives us a metric with which to evaluate alternatives.

It’s not about which group you belong to. It’s about what you think should be done.

If you support this idea, show this badge.

Copy the badge to your web site. Tweet it. Facebook it. Wear it. Bumper sticker it.

If possible – link back to this page, explaining its significance.

Alternatively, copy the above text to accompany it.

At community and Select Committee meetings – wear red.

Red fashion started in Santa Cruz and has since spread throughout the metroplex.  It’s a silent and very effective way to convey the message.

We want the Select Committee and our elected officials to see these symbols transcending city and county borders, and transcending group affiliations. It’s a core idea that serves the entire region.